Our company

Our values

A family group involved since 1963 in the well-being of its staff, partners and consumers.

Customer oriented

Meeting the expectations of each of our customers, both in-house and external, and offering them a quality product and service adapted to their needs, is a priority within our Group. Listening, transparency, responsiveness, flexibility and a tailor-made solution are all assets that enable us to preserve the trust of all our customers and consumers.


Every day, we work to produce and distribute tasty products of flawless quality in order to guarantee the food safety of all our consumers. Complying with all legal requirements and those of our customers is an absolute rule, shared by all.


Our Group is made up of competent and responsible men and women. Every day, they demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and work towards the sustainable development of our companies. Rigour, punctuality, flexibility, a sense of well-done work, the search for solutions and involvement on a daily basis make up the assets of our teams.


By adopting a simple organisation close to the field, by anticipating and ensuring efficiency, we make a difference. While developing advanced production technologies, we offer consumers a healthy, natural and tasty product. We preserve a local presence and thus consolidate our unique position in increasingly competitive markets.


Determined to strengthen our position among the leaders in constantly evolving markets, our Group is proactive and dynamic. Our entrepreneurial spirit and desire to innovate are reflected in the daily development of our manufacturing methods, new distribution concepts and the efficiency of our logistics. By constantly evolving while respecting tradition, health and the environment, we guarantee ourselves a serene and sustainable future.

Team Spirit &
Proximity Management

Trust, mutual respect, listening and dialogue between all ensure maintaining a strong team, capable of taking up challenges and satisfying our customers, in accordance with the values of our Group. The family Management are determined to remain close to their staff and to ensure that they work in total safety. They wish to ensure that their teams are managed in a close-knit manner and that positive and constructive communication is encouraged, as this is essential for the development of each individual in their work.

Three sites in belgium

Our production tool

A complete infrastructure and the ability to fully control the production chain. For guaranteed freshness and flawless quality.