Detry, synonym of quality

For more than 50 years, Detry Food Group has paid particular attention to the quality of its products. The aim is to guarantee its consumers fresh and tasty products, made from traditional family recipes.


Flavour is what makes our products special and popular. In a field such as delicatessen where differentiation is essential, our Aubel® brand stands out for its very special flavours. Consumers don’t need their eyes to know they taste an Aubel® product.


Detry products are not only pleasant to taste: they are also authentic, made with respect for traditional family recipes. The consumer finds in Detry products the simplicity and naturalness of traditional deli meats.

Tasty products that bring back memories and bring out a sweet nostalgia for consumers…


All our products are made exclusively from local products. Each of the recipes developed within the Group is composed of natural ingredients, derived from working the land, which is the original profession of the Detry family.

… and quality assurance!

The quality of the product supplied by the company is one of the major concerns of Detry Food Group, but also of its national or international customers, who often impose their own specifications.

We have genuine expertise in this field, often going beyond the applicable regulations. Our quality system takes into account each stage of production. It ensures quality control of the raw ingredients used, control of the manufacturing stages right up to product packaging, strict compliance with the cold chain and product traceability.

An internal Quality Department ensures that processes and procedures are respected. An internal laboratory carries out around 38,000 analyses yearly, to which are added 12,000 outsourced analyses.

HACCP Certification (1995)

This method enables the identification and evaluation of physical, chemical or biological hazards related to the different stages of food production.

BRC Certification (2003)

This technical standard has been developed by UK retailers for companies supplying food products. It is intended to enable retailers to guarantee compliance with legal requirements to their consumers.

IFS FOOD (2005)

This is a GFSI-recognised standard for auditing the quality and safety of processes and products of food companies. This reference standard is important for companies producing private label products, as it includes many requirements relating to the compliance of specifications. It highlights the production and marketing efforts made by the safety and quality of the brands.

IGP : Indication Géographique Protégée

PGI (1991)

Our Bel’Ardenne site is located in Bastogne and benefits from the “Ardenne” Protected Geographical Indication. The smoking of sausages and hams is still done with beechwood sawdust, a traditional craft process. Obtaining the PGI label is one of the sine qua non conditions for marketing products with the “Ardenne” label.


SAC (2009)

This is a self-checking system. The AFSCA (Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) defines self-checking as “all the measures taken by operators to ensure that, at all stages of production, processing and distribution, products under their management comply with the regulatory requirements relating to food safety, product quality, traceability as well as the monitoring of the effective compliance with these requirements”.