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Behind Detry stands a strong and united Belgian group!

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Offering our consumers the opportunity to enjoy quality Belgian deli products has been our common vision since the creation of Detry Food Group.

Today, we spread this unique know-how over our 3 production sites, thus carrying on the tradition of a passionate and committed company.

On each of these sites, we have a complete infrastructure and the capacity to fully control the production chain.

Manufacturing, slicing, packaging, transport… our manufacturing process is perfectly controlled, and the cold chain is perfectly respected.

Sites de production Detry Belgique

Polca - Production siteIn Izegem, on the POLCA site, we produce almost 100T of pâté each week, which is one of our great specialities and a dish increasingly appreciated by Belgians. Every day, more than 50 people contribute to the production of delicious pâtés, available in more than 300 recipes!

Detry - Production siteIn Aubel, in the heart of an area rich in culinary tradition, we have been producing a complete range of tasty cooked delicatessen products since 1963. Hams, puddings, bacon, pork brawn and many other specialities typically resulting from the know-how of our master butchers. Our Aubel site is the cradle of our company and employs nearly 300 people, with a weekly production of around 250T.

Bel'ArdenneIn Bastogne, the capital city of the Belgian Ardennes, we produce a complete range of raw deli meats ideal for an aperitif, with the strictest respect for the Ardennes’ salting industry. Collier d’Ardenne, Pipe d’Ardenne, Saucisson d’Ardenne, these are all products recognised by the PGI label, which testifies to and guarantees a local and traditional production method. Nearly 45T of these delicious raw sausages leave our Bel’Ardenne site every week, thanks to a team of 25 people.