Dare to enjoy!

Since 1963, Aubel has been the beating heart of our Detry family history. This small village in the heart of the Province of Liege is also the home base of our company, from where we strive to do things better and more sustainably every day.

For more than 50 years, we have been preparing Belgian deli meats of the highest quality for you. And we are still very proud of that. Belgium has a lot to offer: picturesque landscapes, a stunning nature, and various regions each with a rich culinary history. Such as our village of Aubel, known since the late Middle Ages for its “Herve” cheese, its regional beer and our fine delicatessen.

Having always been influenced by this heritage and this culinary cradle, we decided in 1998 to invest in self-service deli products and to create our own brand: AUBEL®.

A simple name that came up naturally, as the history of the Aubel region is so closely linked to that of tradition, taste and culinary heritage.

Since then, thanks to the expertise of our master butchers, we strive every day to offer quality charcuterie, respecting the methods that have shaped our history.

As you may have realised, Aubel® refers to the natural richness of a region known for its local products. With this brand, we want to offer consumers a rich and tasty assortment of deli products.

Belonging to a land brimming with flavors, in the heart of a region rich in its culinary history, is important to us. And the taste is felt with every bite.