Our company

Detry, a socially responsible company in the heart of the Aubel region.

History of the Detry Group

Detry was founded in 1963 by the four brothers of the Detry family. At that time, the company specialised in the purchase and cutting of pigs. Over time, the family decided to combine meat cutting with a delicatessen production activity that guaranteed the optimal use of most parts of the pig.


As of 1990, the second generation gradually joined the company's management committee. A family spirit has therefore grown and still prevails throughout the company today.



In 1991, the Bel'Ardenne company was bought by the Group, which began producing raw deli meats with the well-known "Ardenne" label.


In 1998, Detry invested in self-service deli products and created its own brand: AUBEL®. A simple name that came up naturally, as the history of the "Pays d'Aubel" is so closely linked to that of tradition, taste and culinary heritage.


In 1999, on 10th November to be precise, a terrible fire destroyed the deli workshop. The site was almost entirely affected. Production was reorganised within the group during the reconstruction which began in 2001 and was completed by mid-2002.


In 2007, the deli unit invested in a new tool to increase its market share in the freshly packaged deli section, giving birth to the Daily Fresh concept.


In October 2011, the meat business was sold to the company next door, Lovenfosse, part of the Belgian group Westvless, with which we still work closely, for example in the Taste & Welfare supply chain.


Still in 2011, Detry founded D-TRANS, a logistics company today based in Welkenraedt.


Specialised in the logistics and transport of fresh and frozen foodstuffs, D-TRANS works for Detry as well as for any other customer looking for a comprehensive, human-sized logistics partner.


Site de production Polca - Fabrication de pâtés

The year 2015 was marked by the inauguration of an R&D centre, the core of the company's innovation.

In 2015, Detry expanded by acquiring the Polca company, specialised in the production of pâtés.

Based in Izegem, Polca produces almost 100T of pâtés every week, to the delight of Belgians, but also of our foreign customers, who are particularly fond of this refined dish!


In 2020, our group was reorganised and became Detry Food Group. Comprising the four companies Detry (deli products), Polca (Pâtés), Bel'Ardenne ( salted meats) and D-Trans (Transport & Logistics), Detry Food Group refocused its activities on the production and marketing of deli products.


Aubel - Osez le plaisirIn 2021, our Aubel® brand adopted a new visual identity. Fresher and younger, our new image "dares to give pleasure" and is spread across the entire range.


AllianceIn 2024, Detry Food Group will become the Belgian Subsidiary of Groupe Alliance.


Aubel: more than a village, a symbol

Founded in the village of Aubel, in the heart of the Province of Liège in 1963, the Detry company aims to maintain its activities in Wallonia. 

Indeed, we are proud to count among our staff more than 75% of people living within 20km from our production site in Aubel. 

This is an honour for our company which, beyond its commercial stakes, also sees in this trust a responsibility towards all these people who allow the company to be positioned as a strong player in today’s Belgian deli industry.